It's time to get personal
(with your packaging).

Now, more than ever, manufacturers are leveraging the power of personalized packaging to strengthen customer relationships.


As growth in e-commerce and increasing demand for customized products shorten the distance between manufacturers and their customers, one thing is certain: Packaging matters. Its ability to influence brand perception and foster loyalty makes it an essential component to any effective marketing strategy.


  • Why manufacturers have a unique advantage
  • How personalized packaging sells beyond the sale
  • Inkjet’s role in producing just-in-time packaging for just-in-time operations
  • The benefits of making printing part of your manufacturing process
  • And how other manufacturers are gaining a competitive edge with leading inkjet solutions

How Packaging Impacts Brand Perception


All Sports purchased a Memjet-powered Xante Excelagraphix 4800 to print product pictures, all SKU information, branding requirements and other details directly on their packaging instead of printing labels. Now their packaging is displayed in distributor showrooms—and they’re saving 75% on production costs. Watch the video for the full story.


Xante’s Excelagraphix 4800 makes it easy, fast and affordable for manufacturers to bring their packaging in-house. Print packaging on-demand with full color, customized boxes that get noticed and get results. The Excelagraphix 4800 is especially suited for rush orders, customized and variable information, and product details such as barcodes, serial numbers and QR codes.

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